Richard Banks

Designer, Creator, Artist and Technologist based in the United Kingdom

Another hypothesis inspired by Bayes Theorem, which seems to crop up everywhere in my life. Compelling idea that the role of consciousness is to model the world to help create your own reality. I buy it, I think.

It's a swashbuckling tale set in the Napoleonic era. Loved the use of nautical terms throughout. Capital. Capital.

A favourite book of my wife, this is Benioff's loose account of his Grandfather's experiences during the siege of Leningrad in WWII.


About Me

Design, AI & Technology

I'm a Principal Design Manager for Microsoft Research in their lab in Cambridge, UK. I focus on the issues and opportunities raised by artificial intelligence for people. I'm currently working on Project Alexandria, an AI system for making knowledge useful at work.


I'm the author of “The Future of Looking Back”, a book which focuses on new digital legacies and their potential impact on memory and reminiscing.


I'm honorary Professor of Design at the University of Dundee, a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and holder of 44 patents in a broad range of technology areas.

Design and Creativity

I don't see a real separation between work and home. I don't mean that I have a problem with my work/life balance. I see the process of design, and the boundaries of creativity, as something that crosses both.


Maybe because of this I'm the initator of random skills. In addition to the painting and photography at the top of the page, I keep on starting new, small hobbies. Like these.

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